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     I contemplated hiring another cleaning company, one that I'd used before, but my friend assured me there were better companies out there. So, I thought I'd give CrewsHillCarpetCleaners a try and I'm so glad I did. Their level of cleaning was unmatched. I certainly wouldn't have enjoyed such great results if I'd gone elsewhere. Their team cleaned my property from top to bottom and made my home sparkle. This is my go-to company from this moment on.
Saratha R19/05/2020
     I have been using their cleaning service for almost a year and will continue to use them. They are affordable and the best cleaning company.
Maggie Schaeffer20/09/2019
      CrewsHillCarpetCleaning was perfect value for money! I'm a single man with very little time on my hands. Good job. Would hire them for carpet cleaning again!
K. Hensey25/04/2017
     I had been doing a lot of cooking recently because of all the guests I had been receiving. This meant I was making more mess than usual and had less time to clean it up. Once everything was over, I wanted the problem to be solved quickly, so I hired Carpet Cleaning Company Crews Hill. They sent a team of cleaners to my house who tackled all the work for me. They washed and vacuumed, dusted and polished, until my kitchen looked great again. I think I'll keep their number handy the next time I need cleaning support.
Andre Curry27/05/2015
     Such lovely people! I am always amazed at just how great my house looks once CrewsHillCarpetCleaners. I am a big fan of the company and I hire them on a monthly basis to help me with the house cleaning and I honestly admit that every time I'm absolutely in awe at just how clean everything looks! Great job and a great team of contractors, really!
Ruby M.17/03/2015
     CrewsHillCarpetCleaners has just done a great home clean service on my untidy home. I am so pleased with the finished results. The cleaning company is professional and has a great team of workers who know what they are doing. I hate cleaning and am so glad I have discovered a trustworthy and reliable company to help do a job that I don't like.
Noah B.27/02/2015
     New to London I was in search of a cleaning service to take care of my housework. Working long hours I don't have the time to do any washing or even mop the floors myself, so when a colleague told me all about the reliable service and reasonable prices offered by CrewsHillCarpetCleaners I called them immediately. All I can say is that the cleaning crew is a like a dream come true, for every night I come home to a spotlessly clean and sparkling home! Perfect and so discreet as well!
Jane T.15/01/2015
     I've spent years doing domestic cleaning myself but I've got to the point where I struggle to find the time to do it around work. Luckily CrewsHillCarpetCleaners offer such a good home cleaning service that it doesn't cost very much to get them to do my weekly domestic clean. I can ask them to do almost any cleaning task as part of the weekly chores including scrubbing em shower tiles, cleaning the oven hood and scrubbing the cupboard doors. They are very thorough and have a great ability to spot dirt and dust in the most obscure places.
     CrewsHillCarpetCleaners is a fantastic option for anyone who struggles to juggle their cleaning jobs with their everyday life! My children are all at the age where it's difficult to keep an eye on them, and they often leave the home in a mess. However, this company is ran and employed by professionals, so they knew exactly what to do. Marked tiles are a thing of the past, and the juice stains in the carpet are no more! I hire them on a bi-weekly basis, and my home always looks wonderful every time they're finished. I have absolutely no complaints, and have nothing else but my gratitude to offer!
     I always use professional cleaning companies to clean my upholstery as I just don't have the time to get it done myself. This is the first time I've used CrewsHillCarpetCleaners and I wish I'd used them sooner! My old upholstery cleaners were a lot more expensive and a lot less efficient. The cleaners from this company worked really quickly and did a flawless job. They got my living room furniture looking better than I ever thought possible in practically no time at all, and everyone has commented and asked if I've bought new furniture! I won't be using any other company anytime soon - all my thanks!
David R.08/07/2014

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